What we do

Candid Talk (EEP)

EEP is an employee enhancement program designed to boost your employees’ performance by proactively helping them resolve personal & workplace related issues.

Our program offers confidential and short-term support to cope up with issues relating to :

  • Work-life and beyond
  • Relationships
  • Workplace success
  • Other areas such as financial planning, legal insights, health and fitness

With an EEP, employees will have access to certified coaches/psychologists and experienced HR experts to get assistance from in order to rebuild their persona/status or to identify and to align their goals. 

Candid Talk caters to organisations with employee strength of 50 – 2500. Your employees can reach us by making an appointment with our coaches and counsellors through the ‘Book Your Appointment’ tab after you sign-up with us.

  • Increase in employee engagement score
  • Reduction in employee attrition

Manager Support Program

Managers walk on a tightrope all the time. For the organisation’s long time success and sustainability, the managers need to voice, share, receive guidance, counselling and ideas to maximise their effectiveness. The managerial qualities need to be fostered from time to time. Our Manager Support Program program aims to conduct individual and group sessions for first time managers as well as veteran managers to enable them to address areas such as managing difficult conversations, difficult behaviors, driving performance, delegation, collaboration, recognition of team members etc. When combined with EEP, this creates a holistic performance enhancement framework.

  • Better bonding between manager and team
  • More transparency and more trust
  • Improved 360-degree evaluation score for the Manager
  • Developmental feedback for higher efficiency

Coaching Hub

We specialise in conducting one-on-one sessions in the following three areas:

  • Executive coaching – is aimed at improving the performance of executives within an organization. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success by deep introspection and by exploring other perspectives.

  • Clarity Coaching – Self awareness is a key to making life changing decisions and sticking to them. Many times we get warped in our thoughts and our perspectives that we are unable to see the whole picture. As a coach, we help people to get clarity on their aspirations, challenges and way forward. 

  • Career Coaching – Professional career of an individual impacts his/her whole life. The ambiguities, the uncertainties and the complexities can cause stress. We focus on the burning issue, break it down, help to find solutions and also look at it holistically.

  • Visible increase in the effectiveness of the coachee
  • More clarity, more confidence and more conviction
  • Actionable outcomes for the achievement of goals

Build HR

We specialise in setting up HR systems for start-ups as a creative process of fitting viable solutions to challenges within existing time and budget limits. Startups have a lot of work ahead of them, and in the rush of everyday business, it can be difficult to take time and establish the HR department strategy. While many small businesses may not see the need for a full fledged HR department, it is a necessary and valuable asset to have at your organisation, especially if you are looking to grow. 

From creating the HR strategy that is aligned to the business purpose, setting up policies, processes for hiring, onboarding, payroll, adhering to compliances, safety measures to devising compensation and benefits, performance management system, we work on turnkey projects by planning for the future while prioritizing solutions for today.

  • Cost-Effective/Optimum solution for HR processes based on organisation need
  • Best in class design for each HR process