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We help you maximise the potential of employees and teams for a better performance.
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Enabling Organizations,Empowering Individuals, Enhancing Productivity

We are a boutique HR consulting company and we offer solutions to employees and individuals that help them deal with work-life challenges, career dilemmas, personal life issues, emotional health through counselling, mentoring and executive coaching.

We also specialise in setting up the HR function for start-ups and for building  standalone HR processes in established HR function.

Why choose Us


51 years of combined experience in building and leading teams, leading HR function and mentoring individuals to realize their potential across domains and industries 


Sessions are conducted by certified coaches, psychologists and experts.


We prefer working with few organizations to keep the focus and deliver high quality consistently


Empathetic and compassionate team that is cognisant of people issues relating to performance and wellness, diversity and cultural contexts.


Wide exposure to bridging gaps in communication or lack of it.


We love what we do!

Customer Success Stories

Managing a difficult boss:

Tapasya’s role changed and she got a new boss whose ways of working were in conflict with her style of working. She was finding it difficult to manage her daily schedule, expectations and changing team dynamics. She needed to speak to someone in confidence who can understand her situation and help her manage better. After speaking to us, she got a new perspective and could build trust with her new manager.

Women and Career break:

Jhanvi re-joined her organisation after her 6 months maternity break. It was difficult to balance her work and life, leaving her first born in the care of others, to top it, she was facing disapproving looks from her manager as if he was questioning her work commitment. Her peers spoke behind her back. She did not know how to take this in her stride and there was no one to talk to for advice. She connected with us and found that she could discuss her apprehensions without any fear and judgement and during the discussion she arrived at a solution on how to move forward with confidence and conviction.

Working with a team:

Shlok was a terrific employee when it came to on-time delivery and quality of work. While this was well accepted, when it came to working on a large project, no one was willing to work with him and he received negative vibes from them in such situations. He had been told by his manager that he was not a team player. He spoke to us to discuss and understand if this was normal and if there was something he could work on. At the end of a couple of sessions, Shlok agreed to work on the visible disparities. Shlok spoke to us again to share that he had been made in-charge of a significant project.

Relationship issues:

Ankita was a steadfast, intelligent and calm individual who would always deliver her work on time and be always polite. In the last 4-5 months, there was a noticeable irritability in her words, actions and the team was bearing the brunt of her changed behaviour. The manager was busy with his deliverables and did not address the situation. Through our EEP program, Ankita shared that she was encountering some personal issues with her parents back home. These were sensitive topics that she was not open to discuss with her colleagues and it was impacting her at many levels. Few sessions with us, she could find a way to let go, handle the situation and bounce back.

Slow career progress:

Rahul was hired from the campus. He was a bright engineering talent who had loads of dreams in his eyes when he entered the corporate world. Three years into his job, he was feeling restless. While his friends from college had moved on to better roles, he felt stuck. Being at work did not seem exciting anymore, he felt he deserved a promotion, better pay or perhaps a larger role. He was at crossroads deciding between continuing in the same organisation or moving on. We helped Rahul to get clarity and prepare his call to action.With 2 contact sessions, he worked on aspects of making a visible difference by being action oriented and took the support of a senior who mentored him towards a positive outcome in the same organisation.

Our Happy Clients!

In our deepest and darkest moments, when we often fail to realize the tremendous potential hidden in each one of us , she shines like a NorthStar. There are coaches and there is Archana... she transforms your inner core ... it's not just her professional coaching credentials or her vast experience working across industries , am sure it's that magical, mysterious pixie dust. So if you happen to hear your inner call needing help, please waste no time reaching out to her, and I can vouch...cause am a living proof of her magic 🙂
Digital Imaging Solutions
I was at crossroads in my career and needed someone outside my sphere who could provide me with an objective view and advice me on my fears and challenges. That's when I connected with Archana and I must say, it was a pleasure talking to her. She's a great listener, and helped me reflect on my priorities in life, so that I could focus on things that were the most important. She helped me put down my aspirations as actionable items, so that I could measure the progress. I'm glad to have her as a mentor and highly recommend Archana to anyone looking for professional help and clarity.
Project Manager
When I connected with Archana late last year, I never thought that I was going to get into this strong long term mentoring relation. After 19 years of work experience and having many guides and managers, I can now say that finally I have found a real “Mentor”. The best thing about our discussions is that you never judge or try to be biased. I always wonder how you have the exact words to what I want to explain. Thanks for helping me gain clarity and look at the problems with a different perspective and arrive at workable practical solutions!! I always look forward to the sessions with you. Thanks a lot.
Head Technology & Product Development
Manufacturing Industry

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