My Story

Born to academician parents, education was the only ticket to success for me and my siblings.
I was taught to be independent, confident and was encouraged to speak my mind without fear.
I grew up in a small city in Punjab, was the first one to finish my graduation(B.Com) at the age
of 17 years, that too with distinction. It was always books, books and more books for me.
Since there has to be balance in life, when I landed in Panjab University Chandigarh for my
post graduation, I left no stone unturned to make friends, enjoy late nights, eat new cuisines
and wear fashionable clothes.
My dad kept rooting for my excellence and I went on to do my MCom, Law and MBA(HR)
and got campus placement at Nestle India. I was set to achieve higher goals. Real life starts
Maternity sabbaticals, marital life ups & downs, career disappointments pulled me down for a
few years and then one day I took charge and focused on rebuilding my career, worked hard &
smart and rose the ladder of success.
Moved around different cities in North India and I finally settled in Gurgaon for a large part of
my professional career. The varied industries experience including manufacturing, plant HR
,sales HR and I gradually moved to corporate HR roles and eventually headed the function for
12 years.
The corporate career journey was satisfying at many levels as it gave me financial freedom, an
identity, courage to face adversities and also it was equally gratifying to help individuals grow
and develop in their roles and their success meant success for me as a leader. My
responsibilities include helping organisations build high performance teams, building trust
among teams and innovating new ways of working.
Again the sense of balance kicked in and I said goodbye to the corporate world after 24 years
and went for a world tour spin. It was an ALL TIME high and I learnt a lot during travel years,
navigating and staying in obscure parts of the world.
After coming back, I got back to corporate – but I had changed, I was not the same person and
I had loved slowing down, staring at nature and wanting to do different work.That’s how coach
training and certification happened and now I absolutely love the meaningful conversations
with my coachees and its impact on them