My Story

Born and bred in Kolkata, my middle-class upbringing was purposeful enough to imbibe the
sense of being independent, having a successful career and being a superwoman who could
balance work and home with equal ease.
A degree in Commerce was an obvious choice as in those days, there weren’t too many options
available for those who took up Humanities/Arts as a career option apart from academic
pursuits. Once I graduated, I could not see myself accounting in a firm.
I got a break in NIIT Ltd as an Academic Counsellor. I sold dreams of a successful career in
computing and programming. From an individual contribution to managing a division, from
planning successful lead generation through marketing efforts to managing channel partners, I
spent 7 years in the IT education company and not for one day missed or regretted my decision
of not pursuing a career in Finance and Accounts. I was enjoying what I chose as a career. I
realised that life changes course and what you land up with may not have any connection with
what you planned earlier. Going with the flow could be good at times.
My next assignment was in HR in a BPO. I had not known what it meant to do be a Human
Resources professional. I joined the BPO as a Recruitment and Training Head. What followed
was a whirlwind of work, travel, frenzied activities to keep pace. I worked well and grew
enough to decide that my future will be about HR.
A maternity break of 3 years led me to several job searches till I landed up with one in a Power
Electronics Company. I had moved cities by then and hardly knew anyone. While it started
with a role as a specialist, with changes in the organisation in a years’ time, I was dabbling
with all facets of the function. I strived to make a difference and built my team with care and
patience. There was a new learning everyday and the work kept me challenged. With another
maternity break, I bounced back even more eager and energetic to make the most of what I had
with my position and opportunity. I was recognised and rewarded adequately. After 7.5 years
in the same organisation, I was restless and wanted to take up a different assignment.
I joined a university as a Professor in HR, Head- Career Centre and eventually became a Dean
for the undergrad management program. I had always enjoyed learning and decided to take up
an Executive Management Program with Indian School of Business. The program and the
experience opened my mind and perspectives in many ways. I learnt how to manage time better,
how to keep myself updated, network and connect and most of all, find the joy of knowing how
different people found their happiness in numerous things they believed in and pursued.
Entrepreneurship beckoned at this juncture. It was a self-limiting belief that I had battled with
all along that I could never be self-employed. Couple of ventures, I am on to the path to get
converted to believe that you can do everything that you set you mind on. Counselling, guiding,
listening, understanding emotions come naturally to me with the years I have spent in several
organisations. I want to impact lives and make a positive difference to all those who are looking
for people who could help them find their answers.